How Frequently Should Your Heater Be Inspected?

How Frequently Should Your Heater Be Inspected?

Millions of people enjoy the cold weather, but as the winter season approaches its peak, homeowners need their heaters in order to stay warm and comfortable in their homes. Therefore, your heater is crucial as it protects you from the extremely cold temperature in the winter months.

Additionally, your home heating system requires occasional inspection and maintenance to avoid experiencing any mishap or technical fault occurring abruptly. If your heater is having issues, it is advised to consult a professional company offering heating services in Taft, CA. At Holders Air Conditioning & Heating, we are always ready to help you resolve all your heating related problems.

Before we discuss how often your heater should be checked, it is essential to know why it needs a professional inspection.

When you regularly use your heater, its air filter gets dirty over time. If the filter is not cleaned from time to time, dust and other air contaminants can enter the system, leading to poor air quality. Apart from that, dirty air filters can cause mold or mildew growth inside your heating system, which can affect other parts of the system, resulting in damage to the system.

Whereas, if you get your heater inspected, you will know about minor problems well in time and resolve them before they become bigger. If your HVAC is broken and you need an inspection, contact us for a professional inspection and HVAC repair in Taft, CA.


When to Inspect Your Heater?

While your heater may require inspection at any point in time, it is always recommended to schedule routine inspections for the best results. Here are a few points describing when you should call for a heating inspection.

• When your heater fails to maintain good air quality, it needs an inspection. Are you experiencing an increase in health problems due to poor air quality in your home? This might be caused by your heater with clogged air filters.

• When your heater doesn’t provide sufficient heating, you will not be able to determine its underlying cause. As heaters are major home appliances, it is advised to get them inspected by professionals only and fix issues pertaining to low or no heating.

• Before the winter season approaches, you should get your heater inspected. With a heater inspection, you can rest assured that all the issues will be detected and resolved well in time, especially before the winter season arrives and you start using your heater.

If you are looking for heating installation in Taft, CA, count on the expertise of certified professionals at Holders Air Conditioning & Heating. We are available at your service for all your heating needs. Call us today! Dial 661-864-1925.