Passive Houses & Ductless Heat Pumps

Passive Houses & Ductless Heat Pumps

People across the world have realized the importance of sustainability. In fact, business organizations, governments, manufacturers, etc., are all adopting and promoting sustainability practices. Talking about residential construction, more and more homeowners are looking to buy or build a sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient house (also called the passive house) to reduce their carbon footprints and save money by reducing conventional energy consumption.

Passive houses are built to encourage the least utilization of conventional energy. As a result, these types of homes allow you to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, lowering your power bills.

Why Are Passive Houses in High Demand?

Away from modern designs and technology, passive houses are based on particular principles of architectural engineering that result in building a house with:

• Airtight structure
• External insulation
• Double- or triple-layered glass windows
• Fewer air conditioning needs
• Ventilation system

Passive houses are typically constructed using high-quality, durable materials to ensure superb external insulation and airtight structure. In addition, passive houses promote energy efficiency; using ductless heat pumps in those homes can help you save a lot on energy bills. Are you looking for ductless HVAC repair bakersfield? Contact Holders Air Conditioning & Heating for exceptional services at the best prices, and maximize comfort at your home throughout the year.

How Passive Houses and Ductless Heat Pumps Make the Best Combination?

Energy Efficiency

Passive houses usually don’t require heating and cooling appliances. However, in some regions where homeowners experience extreme temperatures during winter and summer, ductless heat pumps are the best fit for passive houses. Imagine how high the energy efficiency of your passive house can be with a highly efficient heat pump system!

No Leaks

Most traditional air conditioners and heaters depend upon ducts to transfer air to your rooms. With these, you not only need duct cleaning services in Bakersfield, CA every few months but also tend to pay more on energy bills because of duct leaks. On the other hand, ductless heat pumps require no ducts; as a result, there are no chances for heating or cooling to leak out from your already airtight passive house.

Flexible Installation

Unlike conventional heating and cooling systems that might need home structural changes due to the need for ductwork installation, ductless heat pumps can be installed anywhere without changing anything in your home. Therefore, ductless heat pumps can be the most suitable heating and air conditioning systems for passive houses that are already insulated.

No Noise

Passive houses keep the outdoor noise outside. Ductless heat pumps maintain the least noise inside your home as they usually function quietly.

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