When To Heat Up Your House – Tips For Your HVAC System This Winter

When To Heat Up Your House – Tips For Your HVAC System This Winter

Regardless of its size, every heating system needs proper maintenance and care to run smoothly and heat your place during those chilling months accurately. Therefore, exercising careful efforts can save your furnace from technical issues which require a comprehensive expert diagnosis. In addition, neglected HVAC systems remain prone to severe problems and costly heating repair in Bakersfield

Top HVAC tips for this winter season

Mentioned hereunder are some top HVAC tips you can follow this winter season: 

Routine Maintenance 

With farsighted and routine preventive maintenance, you can lengthen the life of your heating system while keeping costly repairs at bay. In addition, a timely and advanced tune-up can save you from the need for premature HVAC replacement and repairs.

Inspect the Thermostat 

Interlaced or stretched wires and vulnerability to the outside elements can irrevocably degrade your heating system’s thermostat. Therefore, it is better to regularly inspect the thermostat to ensure it remains in an accurate working condition. 

However, before checking the thermostat, always switch off the central power button and give the thermostat wires a little force to assure that they are secured and correctly fitted. Furthermore, look for any visually apparent cracks, leaks, or ruptures. 

Oil the Blower Motor

Lubricate the heating system’s motor bearings if your machine employs the kind of motor that requires lubricating. Also, after switching off the power button, unlock the cover, followed by washing the lids covering the HVAC bearings. Eventually, pull the caps to begin lubrication. 


A filthy heating system consumes more power and energy to function. Therefore, to lower your utility bills and avoid costly repairs, it is better to call experts timely for your HVAC repair in Bakersfield. 

Also, note that a solid collection of dirt and trash can lower the performance of your HVAC machines to suboptimal or, in some cases, even zero. So, without damaging your furnace’s interiors, gently wash the internal parts to loosen stubborn dirt and dust. 

Check or Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

A carbon monoxide detector should always accompany your heating system as it acts as the fighter against the ‘silent killer’. Also, like the smoke detectors at your, replace the batteries of your carbon monoxide detectors every six months and get the detector tuned up for optimal efficiency. 

Keep the HVAC Drainage Tube Clear

Water can dribble out of the heating system into a drip pan via drainage lines in propane-powered and gas heaters. The flame sensor can likewise get damaged by clogged water if the drainage channel gets choked, eventually shutting down the heating system. 

Also, any unclear build-up in the pipe can be controlled or removed by running a cup of white vinegar into it. You can likewise employ compressed air to unclog the HVAC drain tube of waste by separating the drain line from the manifold.

Reaching out for expert help and consultation on your heating system is a guaranteed measure to keep your machine running accurately. Also, for affordable and reliable maintenance or heating repair in Bakersfield, head straight to Holders Air Conditioning & Heating. For more details, call us at (661) 864-1925 or drop us an email at support@holdersac.com