Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

An Ac RepairAir conditioning maintenance is not just for comfort; it is also helpful to maintain good health and safety. In Bakersfield, California, the average temperature in July and August is roughly 37 degrees Celsius. Given the extreme heat outdoors, inside temperatures might rise to critical levels.

Air conditioning helps to control humidity. The growth of mold and mildew can be prevented by managing humidity. By stopping the growth of mold and mildew, your respiratory health is safe. HVAC repair Bakersfield can help you with regular AC maintenance.

Here are five tips for keeping your AC in good operating order

Replace your air filters

Air filters for your HVAC system are already installed to remove impurities like pet hair and dust. These filters stop such impurities from impairing the performance of your system.

Those filters eventually become clogged or filthy. Your air conditioner may frequently become iced over from a filthy air filter, which forces it to work harder than required. This issue may be avoided by changing your filters once per month.

Remove all plants

For your air conditioner to work properly, air must be able to move freely. The airflow is impeded by surrounding vegetation such as shrubs, flowerbeds, grass, and weeds as they grow. Once more, this exerts undue pressure on the apparatus.

Examine the drain line

Excess moisture from the condenser must be drained from your air conditioner. Algae development has the potential to choke this drain pipe. You do preventative maintenance by flushing the line with a tiny amount of bleach regularly.

If algae or mold has clogged the pipe, a simple wet/dry vacuum cleaner should be able to remove the impediment.

Purchase a programmable thermostat

Many people leave their air conditioning on all day to cool an unoccupied house or apartment. Others forget to turn off the heat before leaving the house. It shortens the air conditioner’s life and costs you money.

A thermostat that is programmable eliminates the need for human interaction. Set the thermostat to the temperatures you want at different times of day. You save money while prolonging the usable life of the item.

Arrange for professional maintenance

A lot of things you can’t see may go wrong with air conditioning equipment. A competent technician can check the following items:

  • Components of electricity
  • Mechanical elements
  • Levels of coolant
  • Duct reliability

Having a professional come in once or twice a year guarantees that your air conditioner is as effective as possible for as long as possible.

Final thoughts

AC maintenance is critical to increasing the function of your air conditioning machine. DIY maintenance is essential to ensure appropriate ventilation and drainage. A programmed thermostat ensures that the device is not running longer than necessary.

Professional maintenance ensures that the electrical and mechanical components continue to function smoothly.

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