Is a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Right for You?

Is a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Right for You?

On average, an HVAC system can work for more than a decade if well-maintained. However, in any case, whether it breaks down early or works for a long period, you need to start planning about replacing it one day.

If your existing furnace and air conditioning system doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, it may be time to replace both. However, installing two different HVAC systems can be both expensive and time consuming. A ductless HVAC services expert in Shafter, CA, recommends installing the mini-split ductless unit as an efficient and convenient option.

A mini-split ductless HVAC system is perfect for your home.

Most homeowners prefer to invest in mini-split ductless HVAC systems because of their advantages over traditional HVAC systems. Unlike conventional HVAC systems, ductless mini-split does not generate heat by combustion. Instead, they extract the heat and transfer it.

A heat pump system extracts the heat from outdoors in the winter season using heat exchanger coils, and it transfers the warm air to your indoors. However, in the summer seasons, its operation reverses, and it extracts the heat from indoors and discards it outdoors.

A heat pump can be utilised throughout the year as it can reverse its role. That’s why our ductless services expert in Shafter, CA, recommends installing ductless when both HVAC units need to be replaced.

Things you should know about the mini-split heat pump system.

  • Cost – If you are investing in a heat pump system, you might need to expand your installation budget because installing a heat pump can be more expensive.
  • Research before you buy – There are some vital factors that you should consider before buying, like size and efficiency rating. The improper size heat pump will lead to comfort problems like a continuous or short cycle. It is better to call a mini split HVAC services expert in Tehachapi, CA, to evaluate your home and find the heat pump size that will fit the surroundings.
  • Hire a professional HVAC technician – Heat pump systems are energy-efficient HVAC units; however, improper installation will lead to higher energy bills. Look for a licensed and insured technician for HVAC installation.
  • Climate – Heat pumps are not fit to provide heat in harsh winters. You might want to go for advanced heat pumps. That’s why it is best to consult an expert technician before investing.

Reasons why investing in a heat pump in your home is a good idea!

  1. They are energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint as they use little electricity to transfer the air. In the longer run, they’ll help lower your electricity bill. 
  2. They are flexible and can be installed anywhere in the house or building. 
  3. They operate on low noise levels meaning they won’t disturb your sleep. 
  4. High-quality air filters are installed in these units and do not depend on combustion so that these units will improve indoor air quality. 
  5. As the name suggests, they are ductless, so you might have thousands of dollars on repairing ducts for new installation.

Wrapping up,

Heat pumps are one of the best options you can invest in for your home. If you are looking for a mini-split HVAC services expert in Tehachapi, CA, contact Holder’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Call (661) 864-1925, and we’ll provide world-class installation services at afforable rates.