How often should you maintain your furnace?

How often should you maintain your furnace?

When it is winter, we all have to turn on our furnace. Many people think that furnaces do not need maintenance, but that is not true. Furnaces require professional maintenance once a year, according to people who have worked with them for decades and have real industry experience.

An annual furnace inspection, cleaning, and servicing will ensure that the system works properly, burns minimal energy, does not break down abruptly, and lasts a long time. Regular maintenance will also aid in the preservation of indoor air quality and the reduction of health concerns. So, look for Furnace Repair in Bakersfield now. Read below to know what are the common problems and how often a furnace should be serviced:

Common Issues

According to HVAC professionals, a startling 75% of no-heat calls are caused by a lack of furnace maintenance. When the winter weather approaches, here are some of the most common—and preventable—gas furnace faults that result in insufficient house heating:

Pilot Light Fault

Many times it may happen due to clogging, and sometimes it is also possible that the pilot button was not completely pressed and so the gas valve is closed. So if you are not working properly, then you should look for a pro so search for heating repair in BakersfieldPro will make sure to clean the pilot light.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

One of the most serious concerns as a result of not having your gas furnace serviced on a regular basis is this. Your furnace’s heat exchanger could split, allowing deadly chemicals such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and soot to enter your home. 

These drugs can be extremely harmful to your family’s health if consumed in big numbers. This problem is frequently caused by a clogged, dirty filter that inhibits airflow, but it can also be caused by a variety of other concerns. So, first of all, make your family safe and then look for Furnace Repair in Bakersfield immediately.

Dirty Filters

If your furnace filter is clogged with junk, it will have to struggle much more to warm your residence than it used to, making it unproductive and eventually leading it to break down. You should get your filters cleaned every 2-3 months in order to avoid many problems.

How often should a Gas Furnace be Serviced?

A gas furnace should be servicing at least once a year, ideally twice a year in the spring and fall. Annual maintenance, which includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of parts that frequently fail, such as the air filter, fan, pilot light, and heat exchanger, may typically prevent these issues.

Benefits Of Annual Maintenance

  • Increased efficiency and reduced Energy Bills
  • Extending the life of your gas furnace
  • Can avoid costly expenses that might further develop with the passage of time if not taken care of
  • Cost-Effective

So if you really want to have your furnace cleaned, look for professionals.

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