If You Need A New Furnace, Read This Gas Furnace Buying Guide First

If You Need A New Furnace, Read This Gas Furnace Buying Guide First

Gas furnaces have become increasingly popular these days. They are quite affordable than electric furnaces and are preferred as they use natural gas and propane to heat the air at your home. If you are planning to buy a new gas furnace, a few points are very important to be known. 

This article will be your buying guide for the gas furnace, and you will be further enlightened about all the factors you should consider while buying a gas furnace. 

Crucial Factors 


Size is very important while purchasing a gas furnace. If you buy a small furnace, it will fail to keep your entire home warm. Similarly, if you buy a too large furnace and your home is small, you might incur whooping electricity charges for the same. Therefore you can consult the professionals involved in furnace repair in Bakersfield, as they will give you the best advice and help you select an ideal furnace.

The Efficiency 

Buying a furnace with high efficiency causes lower utility bills. When you purchase a furnace, it will be a long-term investment, as furnaces last up to 10 to 15 years if maintained properly. Therefore, if you buy a furnace with the highest efficiency, though it will be more expensive, it will prove economical for the long term, as your utility bills won’t increase, and you will get the utmost comfort.

Brand of the Furnace

You must always buy the furnace from a highly trusted brand as such brands assure the best quality and the best servicing after purchase. If any problem occurs with the furnace, you can immediately call the heating repair company in Bakersfield. If your furnace is in the warranty period, your servicing will be done free of cost. 

Pricing of the Furnace

The estimated cost of a furnace is about $6000, including the installation charges. The cost may differ according to the brand and the size of the furnace. The range of furnaces lies between $2500 – $10000. The most expensive furnace is an ideal purchase, as the operating cost of the furnace is quite low due to its higher efficiency.

The Gas Furnace Models 

Gas furnaces are available in various types; each has a different structure and is suitable. The types of gas furnaces are,

Single-Stage Gas Furnace

A single-stage furnace operates at maximum capacity whenever it is working. It cannot switch between the output levels and hence is the least expensive model of the three.

Two-Stage Gas Furnace

These furnaces have a moderate cost and operate at either high or low energy levels, depending upon your choice.

Modulating Furnace  

This is one of the most expensive furnaces due to its highest efficiency. A modulating furnace operates according to the atmosphere’s temperature and makes sure that your home is at an optimum temperature always.

These were the few important points you must remember while purchasing a gas furnace. For further assistance, you can contact Holders Air Conditioning & Heating as we are well known for providing the best-licensed technicians who will give you the best advice while purchasing your furnace. You can reach us at (661) 864-1925, and we will be at your service at the same minute.