Learn about the Different Types of Commercial HVAC System

Learn about the Different Types of Commercial HVAC System

The commercial HVAC system has become essential to almost every business establishment. The business owners remain worried about the efficiency of the employees, and that is where a compatible HVAC system comes into play. You can contact a professional Bakersfield heating and cooling supply in for your HVAC needs.

Different types of commercial HVAC systems

When you are about to install a new HVAC system, it is pertinent that you understand the available commercial systems. Top systems that professional HVAC repair contractors in Bakersfield will offer you are:

  • Single-split HVAC system

Do you plan to install an HVAC system for your small restaurant, café, or office? If yes, then a single-split HVAC system will be beneficial for you. These systems are compatible, affordable, and appropriate for any small business establishment. Every indoor air handler is connected to an outdoor unit. If you expand your business, you can keep adding a cooling capacity one-to-one ratio.

The cooling and heating repair in Tehachapi of this HVAC is also affordable and easy.

  • Multi-split HVAC system

In this system, multiple indoor units remain connected with one large outdoor unit. This system’s pivotal significance relies on its ability to manage temperature effectively in individual rooms owing to the inverter technology and multiple sensors. You can contact a professional heating and cooling supply contractor in Bakersfield to give you a demo of the system.

  • VRF or VRV system

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) is a top-notch heat pump system that uses refrigerant to provide heating and cooling. One single condensing unit remains connected to multiple evaporator units. This system can be appropriate for buildings with different uses and diverse temperature needs.

The fascinating feature of this system is that it takes unneeded heat from other areas and distributes it across other places where the heat is essential. If you are a business owner, you can consider this HVAC after consulting your reliable HVAC repair contractor in Bakersfield.

  • VAV or CAV system

Variable airflow (VAV) or constant airflow (CAV) systems utilizes a single-duct supply and return setup with variable or constant airflow to keep the temperature stable in your space.

How you can choose the perfect HVAC system for your business space

If you are not a trained HVAC technician, it is better to leave this responsibility to the experts. Professional technicians will analyze your commercial space, heating and cooling requirement, employee count, prevailing weather conditions, etc., to suggest the best HVAC system. You should remember the bigger the space, the larger the system is not always apt.

Bottom line,

When you decide to invest in your comfort at the business place, you should be careful. Along with the installation, you should opt for on-time cooling and heating repair in Tehachapi and the experts at Holders air conditioning & heating will have you covered.

Our trained HVAC technicians can address any heating and cooling need faster than you expect. We always deploy modern tools for an efficient service to our clients. Call us at 661-864-1925 to learn about our offers and services.