Prepare Your HVAC For the Winter

Prepare Your HVAC For the Winter

Our heating and cooling requirements change with changing seasons. It is time to prepare your HVAC for the cold weather as winter is fast approaching. It is essential because you might have used it in summer or perhaps throughout autumn. But now is the time to use its heating features, which require some preparations to get the best heating experience. Here are a few tips you can follow to prepare your HVAC for the winter.

Change or Clean Its Air Filter

Your HVAC system has an air filter that gets dirty over a period of time, and it is important to clean it every one or two months. If you have not yet done that for months, cleaning it or changing it (if it is a replaceable air filter) is highly recommended. Cleaning the filter will ensure your home gets consistent hot airflow during the winter.

However, if you cannot do it alone, contact a professional HVAC company for a tune-up service. You may contact Holders Air Conditioning & Heating; we provide the best heating services in Taft, CA.

Check Functioning Issues Well in Time

If you do not check your HVAC’s heating abilities, you might spend hours without heating in your home this winter when technicians fix problems, if and when there might be any. To avoid such risks and inconveniences, try to change your HVAC to heating mode using its thermostat a couple of times before winter.

It might only require a tune-up service when it provides enough warmth without any problem. But if it does not work correctly, you will have enough time to contact professional technicians for a thorough inspection or HVAC repair in Bakersfield if required.

Check and Clean Vents & Ducts

Vents and ducts tend to get dirty or clogged if not cleaned regularly. Or you might have placed something in front of the vent while not using it for days (especially in an unused room). Hence, before winter comes, check all the vents and ducts, and clean the dust or debris to remove air contaminants and obstructions.

Keeping the vents and ducts clean will help maintain a smooth airflow, improving your HVAC’s performance and long-term efficiency.

Get HVAC Maintenance

Look for a professional company to get a maintenance service for your HVAC system. Hire Holders Air Conditioning & Heating; we have certified, skilled, and professionally-trained HVAC technicians offering top-quality services, like HVAC maintenance, repair, replacement, and heating installation in Taft, CA.

Our technicians have the proper knowledge and are up to date with the latest technology used in the HVAC industry. We focus on delivering quality services and aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Call us to get a quote today. Dial 661-864-1925.