Reasons why your Air Conditioner is breaking down

Reasons why your Air Conditioner is breaking down

Summers in Bakersfield can be hard to endure, and when your air conditioner stops working, the heat can become intolerable. Therefore, you need to ensure that you and your family remain untouched by the heat. Air conditioner maintenance is similar to a weekly checkup where the system is checked for any faults, preventing the unit from serious damage. The air conditioner needs proper maintenance to keep working smoothly, so it is necessary to contact an air conditioning repair in Bakersfield to get your machine checked up. 

Why does an air conditioner break down?

The reason behind an air conditioner breakdown can be many, and you need to be prepared. If you know the reasons, then you can immediately call for the repair service, so let’s look at some reasons why an air conditioner breaks down:

Damaged filter

One of the most frequent reasons why an air conditioner breaks down is a blocked air filter. Air filters work by protecting your house from any foreign particles that can threaten you or your family’s health. 

A filter blocks all dust and dirt particles by trapping them on the outside; however, sometimes, the filter may get clogged with excessive dirt and lose its filtering capacity and cooling efficiency. Hence, it is always recommended to change your air filters every 30 days during summers or feel that the filters are dirty. 

Thermostat breakdown

The thermostat can be considered the central controlling unit of an air conditioner, so it is very important to ensure that a thermostat works without any problems. If your thermostat stops working, check the batteries and make sure your thermostat is turned on and the setting is on “cool”.

Issues with evaporator

The evaporator has a very important part known as coils. The coils are located inside the furnace, and their function is to absorb the heat from the surrounding atmosphere and send it to the outside. The coil then sends cool air inside the house with the help of a duct. Therefore, if the evaporator coil gets dirty or defective, it will stop leaking, and absorbing heat from the atmosphere and leading to temperature problems in your house.

Coolant leakage

Another reason why an AC can break down is due to a refrigerant leak. The function of a refrigerant is to cool down the hot air brought inside by the evaporator and spread it throughout the premises. So when the refrigerant leaks, it can cause the inside temperature to rise to make it uncomfortable. 

 If your air conditioner is having this kind of leakage, contact an AC replacement in Bakersfield service as soon as possible because the leaked gas can prove to be fatal for you and your family. 

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