The Advantages of a Mini Split System

The Advantages of a Mini Split System

Among the different types of AC systems available on the market these days, mini-split systems are one of the best ones. So whether you are looking for an air conditioning system for your small home, a big-size multi-room apartment, a workplace cabin, or a shop, mini-split systems can perform excellently. Contact us today for top-quality mini split HVAC services in Shafter, CA.

These compact AC systems are not only affordable but also consume moderate levels of power, helping you save some money. Let’s now discuss some of the top advantages of a mini-split system.

Ease of Installation

Many AC systems need ductwork for cooling transfer and distribution, which requires a lot of effort and cost, for example, for ductwork installation and home-alternation requirements (in some cases). In contrast, a mini-split can easily be installed without changing your home structure and installing ducts.

Its outdoor unit can connect to its indoor unit using a conduit that can be passed through your wall via a small hole (sealed after installation)! Are you looking for  Ac tune up Shafter CA ? Contact Holders Air Conditioning & Heating for the best quotes.

Zoning Flexibility

Mini split systems allow you to expand cooling per your home’s requirements. Let us put it in easier words – most mini split AC manufacturers will enable you to use up to four indoor units (from where the cooling is distributed) with one common outdoor unit (which has a condenser and compressor). You can use such models of mini split systems to cool down up to four rooms in your home without the help of ducts.

Higher Efficiency

Traditional, central air conditioning systems that require ductwork are vulnerable to consuming more power than usual, primarily because of leaking ducts. Whereas mini-split systems directly provide cooling in the indoor unit’s room, eliminating the risk of cooling leakage. When there is no cooling loss, the mini split AC system consumes moderate energy and proves highly efficient.

Less or No Noise

As you install a mini split system, technicians will install its outdoor unit (compressor/condenser) outside your home. That way, half of the noise is already out of your home. Then these units have fans that run at an optimized speed (making less noise) that does not affect the level of cooling they provide.

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