The Three Most Common Heat Pump Issues

The Three Most Common Heat Pump Issues

Like other appliances at your home, your heat pump might fail to function correctly once in a blue moon. For instance, it might not provide sufficient heat in your rooms or might not even turn on, or produce strange sounds while functioning.

You would be able to get rid of such issues with the help of professional service providers offering heating repair in Bakersfield. First, it is crucial to be aware of some commonly-occurring issues. Let’s discuss the three most common heat pump issues

The Heat Pump Does Not Turn On

When your heat pump stops working and does not turn on, there might be some common electrical issues, for instance, no power supply – the circuit board from where your heat pump gets the power supply might have a tripped breaker. You can check the circuit breaker and turn its position on. This should not happen frequently. However, if it does, it can be a bigger electrical problem that requires a professional’s assistance.

Similarly, sometimes, your heat pump’s broken starter capacitor is the reason it does not turn on. Again, hiring a professional heat pump technician for such issues is advised.

The Heat Pump Does Not Heat

If your heat pump does not heat sufficiently, the reason can be its dirty or clogged air filter. An extremely dirty air filter can restrict airflow, affecting your heat pump’s performance. Similarly, tree leaves and debris that clog the air filter can affect your heat pump’s functioning, resulting in low or no heating.

To avoid this issue, make sure you clean or change (if replaceable) air filters every two months. When these issues are left unresolved for a long time, they can potentially damage your heat pump or HVAC unit, requiring HVAC repair in Bakersfield.

The Heat Pump Does Not Cool

Your heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it into your home; it requires a compressor that increases the temperature and provides hot air in your rooms. The heat pump also cools down your place by removing warm air from your home. First, try to change the mode on its thermostat to see if it provides cool air. If it does not, you need a technician for an inspection and solutions.

For these common heat pump issues or any other problems with your heat pump, always hire certified and experienced technicians. Holders Air Conditioning & Heating is a licensed air conditioning and heating company offering top-quality services in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

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