Top 5 Noises to Avoid When Using a Heater and Call for On-time Support

Top 5 Noises to Avoid When Using a Heater and Call for On-time Support

The heating system is a significant part of every household. That is why you shouldn’t ignore any noises coming from it. Some noises are part of a normal heating operation while others may indicate a serious issue. For any unresolved noises you should contact a professional heating repair in Bakersfield as early as possible to address this issue.

Top 5 noises you should not avoid using a heater:

  • Banging noise

The banging noise is an indication that your heater is under stress. The noise comes out when you turn on the heater every time. Enjoying the cosy warmth in your room while tolerating such a loud banging is impossible.

That is where you should call for a repair technician and opt for heating system replacement in Bakersfield if suggested.

  • Rattling Noise

Do you hear a rattling noise when you turn on the system or when it is operating? A professional heating installation technician in Taft, CA, will let you know this not good for the system. Several reasons can be behind rattling noises;

  1. The bolts or screws might have come loose inside the heater.
  2. The system is suffering heavy wear and tear.
  3. There might be a crack in the heat exchanger or blower or motor, etc.
  • Chirping noise

Chirping noises happens when the heater warms up after turning on. However, if the noise continues, you can inspect the inside condition of the heater – the pulley for the blower might be out of alignment, or the mounting plate might be touching the blower wheel.

These conditions are not good for any heating system. The more you leave it in these conditions, the more you will have to shell out for the repair service.

  • Squealing noise

Squealing noise means your heater has encountered significant problems like faulty motor bearings in your blower motor. If you do not opt for on-time maintenance service, dirt can start building up, and the aged condition of the heating system and the bearings can appear worn out. It is better to opt for a heating replacement service in Bakersfield and get the bearings replaced as early as possible.

  • Popping noise

Professional heating system technicians say that the popping sound may happen in the vents at a time when the heater is turned on, and it is normal. However, if this popping sound starts becoming loud and persistent, you should inspect for possible issues.


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